3 Key Findings in the Pursuit of the Perfect BoM System

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With product development increasing in complexity, the need for automotive firms to have the capacity to effectively manage their data complexity is becoming significantly more important. Without this, firms will struggle to maintain market positioning and competitive advantage.

Central to a firm’s product data management is the system used for…

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Speed and Intelligence

In the emerging world of quantum computing the above question might soon become irrelevant, but until you run a quantum BoM you will very likely be called upon to choose between speed and intelligence for your BoM system. …

How focusing on ‘leaks’ in an OEM’s prototype data flow saved two weeks on every programme globally.

“All vehicles will be electric in a few years”

“No-one is going to OWN a car any more”

“We won’t need to do that in the future”

“AI will fix that”.

Our industry is rapidly morphing from building vehicles to providing mobility, as a result, a number of new work-faces…

How we maintained the core elements that made our company strong and unique.

The people in the company help solidify its vision, uphold the values and mould the culture. Image Source.

Today, more than ever, companies that start small and expand quickly face a common challenge which is to effectively answer the following:

How do we maintain the core elements that have made our company strong and unique?

During a period of rapid growth, organisations have less time to focus on…

Ian Quest, Director, Quick Release

Automotive OEMs & start-ups must plan & invest in their process journey as well as their product one

At QR_ we’ve had the opportunity to support a number of OEMs through early or growth stages and there are many lessons learned about having to build your business alongside delivering your products. Below, we share some of the most important ones.

The automotive industry is at the cross roads…

Quick Release

We’re product data professionals helping automotive companies get better products to market, faster, to meet the growing demands of the world.

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